A two-day trial, but a three day event Black Hole Enduro race for the first Slovenian mountain bike enduro series SloEnduro.


What is enduro? On the SloEnduro website we can read: “The basic premise of enduro is downhill racing during which the competitor rides in a similar way that he or she rides every day. This means that the races take place on natural trails, without major manmade features, with the route not always pointing just downhill, but also including some climbing sections. Although using a shuttle is sometimes permitted, the start of a stage is usually reached by bike and a substantial part of climbing must always be performed by biking. The main idea behind enduro is having fun on a bike while spending quality time together with others who share the passion. The competitors keep each other company as they ride to the start of individual stages in groups and it is only at the top of the races that they focus on each reaching the best possible race time. After the finish of each stage they wait for each other and then head towards the next stage …”.


A two-day trial, but a three day event:


  • Friday, July 18, 2014: urban prologue in Ravne na Koroškem;
  • Saturday, July 19, 2014: 4 stages in Jamnica and Šentanel, with a closing picnic at EcoHotel Farm Koroš.


Both, the Friday’s prologue and the Saturday’s four stages count for the Black Hole Enduro, while only Saturday’s four stages count for the SloEnduro cup.


We sprinkled the Black Hole Enduro with just the right mix of spicy accompanying activities:


  • Saturday, July 19, and Sunday, July 20: bike test (Specialized, GT, Trek, Cannondale, Scott, Orbea) at the EcoHotel Farm Koroš;
  • Sunday, July 20: shuttles and hanging out at Single Trail Park Jamnica.


The entries are open now: http://prijavim.se/calendar